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                 Did you know that leprechaun’s love to frolic in the Heather?  

Ireland is well-known for its lush green hills and cliffs that drop into the ocean.

Ireland is also home to a beautiful wild flower called Heather.

Heather has tiny  purple/pink  flowers that spike up above the green foliage.

Heather presents  the perfect contrast to the

green grass  and clover that grows on the moors of Ireland…

heather on the moors

  photo credit

As a tribute to this beautiful wildflower,  I made a centerpiece for Saint Partrick’s Day and Heather is the star attraction… 


All of the materials used I purchased at Jo-ann and Hobby Lobby:

  • wood  crate
  • spray paint
  • florist foam
  • moss
  • ribbon
  • artificial flowers (Heather)
  • fun embellishments such as, gold coins, shamrock, Lepracaun, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Step 1: spray the  crate…


Step 2: wrap ribbon around the perimeter and glue in place…


                                                                   step 3: fill the center with florist foam…


step 4: cover the florist foam with moss…


Step 5: using wire cutters, cut the sprigs off of the main pick…


step 6: stick the sprigs into the florist foam…


step 7: cut diamond-shaped flags out of decorative paper, fold over bakers twine and glue in place…


step 8: attach the banner to two sticks, and stick them into the florist foam…


step 9: add a few fun embellishments,  such as gold coins, shamrock and a leprechaun…


Now I don’t have to go to Ireland to enjoy this beautiful wild flower…

Irish Heather Centerpiece




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